Can I try XC skiing?

I have never skied before can I try cross country skiing?

Yes anybody can! XC skiing is a great introduction to the beautiful alpine environment. All you need is skis, boots and poles and access to the snow. Start at your own pace and gradually develop your skills.

How easy is XC skiing?

XC skiing is a sport for everyone from young to old. It can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be, both in intensity and terrain. Start on the flat before progressing to gradual uphills and downhills.

Do I need to be fit?

If you can walk you are fit enough to cross country ski! You can take it at your own pace. You will find there are skiers of all fitness levels out there enjoying the trails.

I have injuries (bad hip/knee/ankle) can I XC ski?

Seek advice from your doctor, but XC skiing is a very low impact activity that is often used for rehabilitation from injuries in other sports.


How much does it cost to go cross country skiing?

It depends where you go, but costs are usually minimal once you get to the snow. Some Australian resorts have no trail fees, but for those that do the daily rate is less than a ticket to the footy. Equipment costs start from as low as $20/day. Visit the relevant resorts websites for details on costs.

Do I have to stay on the mountain?

No, many people stay in local townships at the base of the mountain and drive up for the day.

What is the closest resort to Melbourne?

Lake Mountain is the closest resort and day trips are possible.

What is the closest resort to Sydney?

Perisher is the closest resort.

What are trail fees?

Trail fees are a fee to use a trail groomed by a resort.


What is the difference between skate skiing and traditional classic skiing?

Traditional classic skiing is a forward stride and glide motion similar to walking or running, where each ski is pushed forward alternatively whilst leaving the other ski stationary.

Skate skiing involves pushing forward in a “V’ Stride and pushing alternative skis away from one another at an angle, similar to rollerblading/iceskating.

Do I have to learn classic skiing before I try skating?

No you don’t have to. However it is easier to learn the classic style and get confident with your balance and agility on on skis before trying skating.

Are downhills really hard on XC skis?

No because of the more gentle terrain you will not need to use more than a snowplow in most places to slow you down.

What is the best way to learn cross country skiing?

There are three main ways to learn how to xc ski:
•resort based XC ski schools
•introduced to it by a friend or school
•through programs run by clubs/community groups

Is XC skiing suitable for children?

Yes children love the combination of snow play and exploring the snowy landscape on skis. Children from as young as 2 years old can start playing around on skis. If too young for ski or if they’re ready for nap, borrow or hire a pulk (a special enclosed sled) and you can take your baby or toddler for a tour.


What equipment do I need to go xc skiing?

Basically you will need skis, poles and boots to get out xc skiing and appropriate clothing/bags for the conditions and distance you are planning to ski.

What is the difference between xc boot compared to downhill boots?

A lot more comfortable and you can easily walk in them! The standard boot it is a softer more flexible boot than downhill boots - more like a walking/running shoe.

What clothing do I need to cross country ski in?

Clothing required for xc skiing is different to what is required for downhill skiing. Layering is more important than warm outer layers because you get warm exercising when cross country skiing. Depending on how far you are travelling, the weather and what type of skiing you are doing most skiers would have a waterproof jacket, waterproof (or just windproof) overpants, jumper, thermals, beanie, gloves and sunglasses. It is always better to have an extra layer in a backpack if you are unsure though!

Will I get cold cross country skiing?

Australian xc skiing resorts are in the alpine environment so you need to be prepared for all conditions. Some days you might be wearing a t-shirt and others you will be rugged up. If you have the right clothes and lots of layers you will not be cold.

Why do you need to wax your skis?

XC skis like all skis need to be waxed to glide correctly. You can either go to a retail xc shop and get them waxed professionally or do it yourself. If you are a keen skier it is worth learning how to do it yourself. Check out the waxing section for more details.

What are binding systems?

There are two different binding systems for XC skiing; SNS or NNN. You just need to make sure you have the right boot for the right binding system. For more detailed information check out the equipment page.

Why are there so many different types of XC skis?

There are lots of different types of skis depending on what technique you are wanting to do. For example in classic skiing there are e.g. waxless skis, waxable skis, zero skis etc. For more detailed information check out the equipment page.


What is the Kangaroo Hoppet race?

The Kangaroo Hoppet is Australia’s premier long distance cross country ski race, and a member of the prestigious Worldloppet series of international cross country ski events. There are three events; the 42 km Kangaroo Hoppet, 21km Australian Birkebeiner and the 7 km Joey Hoppet.

What is Perisher XC Ski Week?

XC Ski Week is a week that caters for all levels of skiers whether you take part in the events or be a part of the cheering crowd. There are plenty of activities for all; try racing, improve your skiing or simply have fun in the snow. Activities may include Mystery Coffee Tours, Laser Biathlon, Fast & Female (girls only!), demonstrations and waxing clinics, plus all the free skiing that you can handle.

Are there other events besides the Hoppet?

Yes there are lots of other events for beginners to advanced skiers to participate in at all mountains. It’s a great chance to make new friends, challenge yourself, improve your technique and fitness. Check out the events calendar for more details of all events.

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