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All you need to know to go and try XC!

Here's some essential informational about the things you'll need to start doing xc. Whether you rent or buy, you must be geared up correctly with suitable clothing and equipment to enjoy your xc skiing experience. There are also lots of other things to consider when planning a trip including wax, weather and your safety.

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Different ways to Learn

There are lots of different ways to learn how to ski. You can visit a resort, rent some gear and find a ski school, get involved with a club, or learn through your school. There are lots of different ways to get into xc skiing!

Find a Ski School Find a XC Ski School
Join a Club Join a club
Learn with School Learn with school

Have fun and improve your skills

Ski play is a great way of improving your skills on skis. Once you have got the basics you can play games, practise jumps, and do some basic easy drills. All will improve your balance and agility on skis.

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