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Racing is for everyone of any skiing ability

Racing can be for everyone - young to old, beginner to advanced. Races are a great opportunity to make new friends, challenge yourself, improve your technique and fitness.

What types of race are held?

International cross country ski races are broken up into sprint and distance events, and are held in two styles - freestyle and classic. In a freestyle race you are allowed to use skating or classic technique, but in a classic race skating is not allowed. Within these four categories there are a number of other events formats. There is race to suit you!

Event Formats

Racing in Australia

In Australia races fall into three main groups. Club races, which are open to all to participants from under 5 to over 80. Championship races, where you can win a state or national title and qualify for state or national teams. And finally, Schools events, which are open to all primary or secondary school students.

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What is is the home of XC ski racing in Australia and provides everything there is to know about the racing side of the sport. News, results, selection policies, racing calendars, athlete profiles, coaching and officials education, it's all there.

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Major Events

Come and try one of the three major events on the XC calendar. These include the Kangaroo Hoppet - part of the Worldloppet series, XC Interschools and Perisher XC Week.

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Perisher XC XC Ski Week

Where can racing take you?

All around the world! You can represent Australia at the World Masters Cup or ski the Worldloppet events. And if you are interested in becoming an elite athlete have a look at where racing can take you!

Biathlon, a Combination of Target Shooting and Racing

Biathlon could be right up your alley. Biathlon is a winter sport that is fun, challenging and exciting. It combines cross-country freestyle skiing and target shooting. A great way to expand what you can do on xc skis.

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