Perisher XC Ski Week

One Big Event

Do you want plenty of skiing, fresh air and fun for a whole week? Try Perisher XC Ski Week. Not just a series of individual events but now one big event.

A Week for Everyone

XC Ski Week is a week that caters for all levels of skiers whether you take part in the events or be a part of the cheering crowd. If you feel like racing, it is purely up to yourself as to how fast or slow you want to go. All participants are cheered on and skiers new to each event are especially welcome

Lots of activities

Be a part of a week-long celebration of this great sport. Plenty of activities for all – try racing, improve your skiing or simply have fun in the snow. Some of the activities that are planned include Mystery Coffee Tours, try Laser Biathlon, Fast & Female (girls only!), demonstrations and waxing clinics, plus all the free skiing that you can handle.

Meet new friends

Prize giving celebrations for each event are held only in the warmest of locations spread between Smiggin Holes, Perisher and Charlotte Pass with food and drink either supplied or available - many great opportunities to relax and be social with a great group of people.

XC Ski week is brought to you by Perisher X-Country (PXC) whose aim is to spread the word about XC so that everyone else has a chance to find out first hand.

Come along and find out what a great week it is!

Perisher XC Perisher XC
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