Start with the Hoppet then take on the World

Worldloppet is a union of the most famous cross country ski races in the world attracting over 50,000 skiers annually. The aim of Worldloppet is to promote the sport of cross-country skiing through the various ski races around the world. It brings together cross country skiers of all nationalities, ages and abilities, to share their common love of skiing, to renew old acquaintances, and to create new friendships.

Loppets are like fun runs but on skis

Currently there are 20 Worldloppet Races run throughout Europe, America, Asia and Oceania. The most famous of these is the Vasaloppet in Sweden, retracing the route of two skiers sent to bring back Gustav Vasa the future king of Sweden.

Our own local Worldloppet race is the 42km Kangaroo Hoppet run at Falls Creek through the Bogong High Plains.

Become a Worldloppet Master

Anyone can become a Worldloppet Master by completing Worldloppet races in 10 different countries, at least one of them on another Continent and ensuring you get your Worldloppet Passport stamped after each race.

Want to know more?

Check out the Worldloppet Ski Federation for more details on all the Worldloppet races and how to become a Worldloppet Master!

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