Freestyle technique and target shooting

Biathlon is the only sport that combines the two very diverse disciplines of cross-country skiing and target shooting. It requires participants to have both stamina and precision to compete in a cross country race and stop to shoot at a series of targets along the way. Competitors use a small bore rifle, but in many events can also compete using a laser rifle. While most biathlon participants skate ski, you may also use the classic technique.

Most viewed snowsport across the whole of Europe

Biathlon has its origins in the Norwegian Army back in the 18th Century, first making its debut as a sport in the 1960 Winter Games. It's very popular in Europe with competitions attracting thousands of spectators and in Germany it can even beat soccer in the TV ratings!

Mt Hotham Biathlon Range

Biathlon’s winter base in Australia is at the Whiskey Flat Range near Mt Hotham and is the only Biathlon range in Australia. Biathlon events are held during the Australian winter snow season and also continues during the off season with various dryland events held around Australia.

Want to find out more?

Biathlon has a relatively small but enthusiastic following in Australia and is growing in numbers every year. If you would like to join in visit Australian Biathlon for the latest news. Also check out the video “ Australia’s love of Biathlon Grows” to get an idea of what biathlon in Australia is all about.

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