Winter Fitness

Keep fit through the winter!

Cross country skiing is great for cross training for all active sports people. There are many benefits including altitude training, endurance training and the fact that it is a whole body workout. Many kayakers, cyclists, rowers and runners use cross country skiing as part of their winter training program, keeping the mind fresh and motivated while it's dark and cold on the roads or rivers. Keep fit over winter and come try xc skiing.

A Low impact Sport

The low impact nature of cross country skiing means it can also be great for rehabilitation from injury. Sessions can be designed to focus on upper or lower body workouts. Those with ongoing injuries should consult their doctor or physiotherapist for advice on appropriate activities and whether classic or skating would be most suitable for their circumstances.

Tips for getting started

People who are fit from their activities in other sports will greatly benefit from basic lessons to improve efficiency. Weight transfer, coordination and balance are the key skills to improve. Some ski schools also have coaches who can design an on-snow training program for you. Contact your nearest ski school to find out more.

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