Never too old to learn how to xc ski

One of the great things about going to university (apart from the educational/vocational prospects) is meeting people from different regions and backgrounds. If you've managed to make it to university with limited skiing experiences, here's your next opportunity to break into the sport or to take cross-country skiing to a new level. Many universities have ski clubs, and chances are good that at some point you will meet someone who grew up skiing or who lives near the snow. Depending on the university you might also come across National Team athletes, as the majority of them are aged 17-22 and combining university with their training schedule.

Opportunities for University skiers

The timing of university holidays is perfect for the snow season both in Australia and overseas. Typically mid-year exams finish at the end of June just in time for the ski season to swing into action in July. The Australian University Championships are usually at the end of August, which combines ski racing with a lot of fun.

Australian unversity summer holidays match up well with the northern hemisphere winter. Frequently there are good job opportunities in North American and European ski resorts, including ski instructing or guiding work for those who are already ski proficient. For keen competitors the World University Winter Games are a great goal to aim for and an experience not to forget. Some universities offer sporting scholarships for athletes at this level.

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