Ski Touring

Explore Australia’s alpine wilderness

Ski touring is done on ungroomed terrain and often goes outside the ski resorts boundaries. You can head out for the morning or the day, or even extend over multiple days staying in tents or huts along the way. Skis suitable for touring are generally slightly wider than track skis and some have a metal edge for icy conditions. Boots are usually heavier and provide more support and control.

Light vs Heavy Ski Touring

At the lighter end of the scale ski touring can involve just a day pack and a trip out to a hut or a lookout, such as Wallace's Hut from Falls Creek or Porcupine Rocks from Perisher. Groomed tracks along part of the way may assist in travelling quicker, but part of the fun can be to set your own tracks following a pole-line. For more rugged terrain or longer trips when a heavier backpack is needed then heavier/stronger skis with metal edges will likely be needed.

Snow Camping

Snow camping can be a way to travel further into the alps, a base from which to spend multiple days enjoying the delights of backcountry skiing, or a novelty experience in itself. Obviously a tent and additional supplies are required than for just a day tour. For more insight into the world of snow camping visit the OZBC snow camping page.

How do I get into ski touring?

Some good ways to explore and learn the skills of ski touring include joining a club that specialises in it, finding an experienced friend to show you the ropes, or signing up for tour with a ski school or guide such as Mike Edmondson who has supplied a number of photos on this site. Heading out into the alpine environment requires planning and knowledge of the risks involved so seek advice and don't head out alone.

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