Ski for Life

For all ages

Two wonderful things about cross-country skiing are that you can learn at any age, and continue to use those skills throughout your life. Check out below all the other great reasons why you need to try XC skiing!

Low Impact – very low impact compared to other aerobic exercise for example running. There is less stress on your body and joints because of the way the skis glide.

One of the best overall body workout that combines both a lower body and upper body workout using every major muscle group in your body.

Burns lots of calories because using all those muscles burns lots of energy. Great for winter when most of us struggle to get out and exercise!

Getting outside and exercising in nature makes you feel good and less stressed. And even better the endorphins produced as a result of the your exercise are natural anti depressant.

Cross country skiing is an a great aerobic/cardio workout for your heart and lungs. Fantastic for your health and fitness!

XC skiing improves your balance, agility and coordination.

Increases your endurance which will give you more stamina for other sports and life in general!

Can start the sport at any of these points in your life.

Get away from the crowds and enjoy the peace and tranquility on xc skis.

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