10 Reason to XC Ski

For everyone!

Check out following ten reasons why you must give XC a go this winter. Have we convinced you yet? For more info on how, head to the Getting Started page!

It is easy to learn

It is a lifelong activity, you can begin at an early age and keep on skiing through to later in life.

XC skiing is conductive to a healthy lifestyle and a taste for adventure.

It is a low impact full body workout which builds core strength, balance and coordination - one of the best cardiovascular exercises known!

XC Skiing is so enjoyable you come away feeling happier, healthier and energised.

It’s a social sport that family and friends can enjoy XC skiing together.

A wonderful opportunity to get out and enjoy the Australian alpine environment.

XC Skiing is relatively inexpensive compared to other snow sports.

Something for everyone - racing, exploring, track skiing, ski play, backcountry, telemarking and snow play.

Get away from the crowds and enjoy the peace and tranquility on xc skis.

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