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Cross country skiing for everyone!

Cross country skiing is a fantastic winter sport that is easy to learn and will stay with you for life. Whether you are looking for a healthy recreational activity, to keep fit during winter, snow-fun for the whole family, an adrenaline rush, winter adventures or racing challenges, cross country skiing has something for everyone.

10 reasons to try XC

Classic and Skating - What's the difference?

Cross country skiing involves two different styles. In Classic style the skis stay parallel most of the time and a grip section on the bottom of the skis stops them from gliding backwards. Skating, which took off in the 1980's, uses slightly shorter skis designed only for gliding and features a distinctive V shape similar to in-line skating or ice skating. As you progress and learn more techniques you become more efficient, use less energy and ski faster with minimum effort.

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What type of XC Skiing would suit me?

Classic skiing on groomed trails in a resort is usually the best starting point for most beginners. By combining this with ski play, to improve agility and balance on skis, beginners can rapidly progress. With good balance and weight transfer skiers can progress quickly to skating. Another pathway is to explore the options outside the resort, ski touring out to a hut or finding untracked backcountry slopes. When the snow conditions are right, the lightweight nature of track skiing and the adventure of skiing out into Australian's national parks can be combined. Try it all and find out what you like best.

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