Not just a Winter Sport!

There are various off-snow cross country skiing possibilities on offer in Australia, including rollerskiing, skiking or nordic walking. Each of these are great year round activities for maintaining fitness, working on technique, or even learning to ski before the winter.

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Get involved in activities and events throughout summer

There are a number of training/social groups for rollerskiers, skikers and nordic walkers in many locations around Australia. Once you become confident skiing on wheels there are also events such as the Australian and Victorian Championships to try out. Find out more by checking out the events calendar or talking to your local community group/club.

Chase the Endless Winter

What do Australian XC skiers do after the snow melts? Of course you can try out summer alternatives, hit the beach or get back on the bike. But if you’ve caught the snow bug and can’t wait until next year then perhaps you need to find snow in the northern hemisphere.

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Major Events

Come and try one of the three major events on the XC calendar. These include the Kangaroo Hoppet - part of the Worldloppet series, XC Interschools and Perisher XC Week.

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Where can racing take you?

All around the world! You can represent Australia at the World Masters Cup or ski the Worldloppet events. And if you are interested in becoming an elite athlete have a look at where racing can take you!

Biathlon, a Combination of Target Shooting and Racing

Biathlon could be right up your alley. Biathlon is a winter sport that is fun, challenging and exciting. It combines cross-country freestyle skiing and target shooting. A great way to expand what you can do on xc skis.

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