Weather and Snow

Be prepared for all conditions

The Australian alps are a beautiful destination in winter, however can be hazardous if visitors are not careful. Planning and preparation are important to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable xc experience.

Mountain weather can be extremely unpredictable and it is advisable check weather forecasts and snow conditions before travelling to the resorts or heading out for a ski. It will allow you to choose the correct clothing, decide where you should ski, or even whether it's worth going skiing at all. For beginners, it is advised to choose a clear sunny day for your first xc skiing experience.

Weather Forecasts & Snow Reports

There are a number of different weather and snow forecasting websites which you can check out the likely conditions before heading to the snow. The best of these include Bureau of Meteorology, Jane's Weather, Mountain Watch, and

Snow Conditions

Ski resort websites will give you the best information on the local snow conditions and details of trails groomed, though sometimes they can be a tad optimistic or slow to be updated. Perisher XC has great daily email report you can sign up for that gives a fresh and honest update early every morning. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can also be good ways to find out the latest snow condition information.

Want to know more?

Check out the Snowsafe website to learn more about how to be safe in the snow.

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