Learn with School

Does your school already have a ski program?

Many schools run cross country ski programs as part of their sports or outdoor education programs. Please ask your school whether they organise any ski trips, participate in cross country Interschools or take part in other skiing events.

How can my school get into XC?

If your school doesn't have a program yet, let your teachers know that there are plenty of resort ski schools and a number of outdoor education centres that can assist to get things started. Finding a teacher with personal XC skiing experience and skills will be a great help. The NSW Interschools and VIC Interschools organisations are also happy to give schools guidance on how to enters teams in Interschools XC.

Not just a winter sport

Cross country skiing is not just limited to the winter months. Basic techniques can be taught over the summer months using rollerskis or skikes. Ski & Snowboard Australia is in the process of putting together a dryland Sporting Schools program that will potentially include an introduction to rollerskiing and other ski simulation activities.

Want to find out more?

Contact Ski and Snowboard Australia to find out more about their Sporting Schools program or for tips in organising school cross country skiing programs.

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